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> Hello Ed,

> Thanks for the welcome :)

Hello siska,

The Zen Forum exists in samsara - so, hold on to your seat and expect
anything - and even the worst!

I am not familiar with the terms being used here, especially when you
all are discussing about "buddha nature", "zen", "the Law" and all that.
The way I understand it from this forum, there are no fix definitions
for the terms anyway and I somehow feel that is the way it should be.

When in a hurry for an initial understanding, Google:

[define:buddha nature] or [define:zen], or [define:dhamma] or

> I'm currently reading Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind and I read Sit Down
and Shut Up (or was it Shut up and Sit Down?) and I quite like both.

'Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind' was one of my early favorites.

> Looking forward to learning more from this forum.

A Zen Master (and Bill) might advise: Just sit.

> Wow, seventeen trillion events......

> siska

What does the Buddha mean?  When one is totally aware, will life be
infinitely more fast-paced and exciting than an AD/HD-driven Hollywood
action movie?  ;-)



Welcome to the Zen Forum.

If you like what you have just seen, you must be (at least partially)

The Buddha might say: "Seventeen trillion events transpired in the
course of that interchange."

I look forward to your joining in the conversations.


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Hi All,

I'm new to this list and I'm new to Zen. I think I like this list.


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