I agree with Chris that a teacher, if not absolutely essential, is very
highly desirable.Bill!


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> Agree, a teacher would be nice to have. From where I stand, it is still
not a "must have", but then again, I'm open to the difference, if perhaps
this is the way it is in Zen.

At various places on the path, there is a common tendency to fool yourself.
A strong relationship with a teacher makes this fooling yourself much

I had to move away from my teacher two years ago and haven't replaced her,
and I can tell I am missing the interaction of someone who knows me well but
is not me. 

Zen is all about face to face teaching. The writing is just entertainment.
Without the practice in non-dual action, the words tend to hide the simple
truth. I am not talking about the sort of satori experience Bill, but
sitting with no goal is non-dual action. Repeat it and 
eventually even one as obtuse as myself notices that non-dual action is
commonplace, the very scaffold of living. 

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