We are flogging a dead horse.

>From *my* perspective there is no difference between what you (and Bill
and others) say, and what I say.

The difference is one of deep orientation: You and Bill and others are
(unconsciously) steeped in the fixated and contentious Western
Judeo-Christian mind-sets of right/wrong and 'only one way'.

I used to be like that too four decades ago, but without any effort on
my part, this rigid mind-set began to fall away, thanks to my exposure
to Buddhism, Zen, Eastern perspectives and other thing, and I have
little difficulty reconciling seemingly conflicting positions.

Since we do not seem to be able to communicate, I may limit my comments
and responses - provided I possess the will power to do so. ;-)


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ED;   I understand.  Sitting down by oneself requires to have a very
strong will. It doesn't come easy to me either.  In fact still need from
my sangha once a week sitting down with them in order to keep daily
discipline.  I take my hat to everyone here in the forum who can do this
by themselves alone.     It's not a good idea to sit down having an
expectation of some kind as for instance the one you are pointing out:
realising Buddha Nature.  There is no realisation of Buddha Nature. 
That is a notion.   There is interconnection, a sense of non separation
with the rest of life.  If I would be having a purpose when I sit down,
the flow of the present moment would be completely loose.  It's in that
flow that many miracles occur.  I'm afraid not be very good to explain. 
This is why I encourage you to try yourself.  Amongst many benefits
there is the one of enhancement of the health and well being not just in
me but also my surroundings.   Mind that this is just my personal
experience and not necessarily anybody else experience.    Mayka
       Mayka, Because I am not sufficiently motivated to realize Buddha
Nature. Why do you do zazen? --ED       --- In, Maria Lopez <flordel...@...> wrote:
ED; Why don't you do zazen? Mayka

   Mayka, Why do you do zazen? --ED 

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