You're welcome ED.  I don't always explain properly myself either.  Besides 
there is not always consistency between my words and volatile energies. 
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I am sorry about that. The contents and the intent of my questions are not 
clearly stated, and so I withdraw the questions. I am quite certain this issue 
will raise its head again in the near future.
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> ED:
> Wouldn't be more practical and much more of a shortcut looking into yourself 
> and see what is there?.  Why do you want to know what is in me and not what 
> is in you?.  
> I don't understand very well your question: "is that how you actually 
> experience yourself or is it a conception or an act of faith"? It sounds a 
> nonsense question. kind of entanglement of words and concepts. This is what 
> one gets when depends upon the wikipedia dictionary and other definitions 
> sources but not as much as within resources.  Repeating what you hear won't 
> do the trick either.
> Mayka

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> > Thanks for clarification Chris. Definetely in that respect all in me too is 
> > a massive illusion. --M
> M, is that how you actually experience yourself or is it a conception or an 
> act of faith? --E
> ----
> > I meant my idea of myself, especially as having some spiritual 
> > significance, is not reality.  --C
> Conceptions are just conceptions, conjured up by the discursive mind. One 
> would be deluded to *believe* them to be 'true' or 'not true'.  --E
> ----
> > I'm not an illusion.  The only thing that is an illusion is the nonsense in 
> > me.  --M
> Do you *really* experience the nonsense in you as 'illusory'? What about the 
> good in you? Is it illusory too?  --E
> ----
> > Aren't we all!  --C
> We may or may not experience ourselves and/or others as illusory.
> For the over 99.9999%, stating that they themselves or others are illusory 
> are acts of faith.  --E
> ----
> > Bill Smart himself is also an illusion. Don't atttach any spiritual 
> > significant.  --A
> Wouldn't it be illusory to *believe* you if we didn't experience Bill that 
> way?  --E
> ----

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