Nothing to forgive ED.  You're also lovely in your own way.

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Subject: [Zen] Re: FW: Quote from St. Thomas Aquinas
Date: Tuesday, 9 November, 2010, 16:01


Do forgive me - it is just my ego obsessed with what is best for itself.
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> ED;
> If you would like to  to know about whatever you want to know about 
> Anthony better ask him directly and not me. But if you ask me about the role 
> he plays in the forum I would say that he's a lovely character.  I never seen 
> his ego deffending itself and no matter how badly at times he's been 
> provoked.  I admire his modesty and kind character towards everyone.>  
> Mayka

> The "I/me/mine" in me responds:  Does Anthony know or care about what 
> others in the forum know are best for themelves?

> > Only Anthony himself knows what is the best for him and not you.
> > Mayka

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