Your picture says, 'if you don't ask, you don't suffer'. That is nonsense. 
Suffering exists whether you ask or not. The difference is whether you know it.

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Expressed simply and with greater inclusivenes, all living things (humans, 
animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, etc.)  seek their own self-interest, namely, 
to eat, survive and reproduce.
The Science of "Why We Suffer"

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> ED,
> I am 90% in agreement with you. That is the result of human's greed, aversion 
> and delusion.
> Anthony
> Anthony,
> That's the way human nature has evolved.
> --ED

> > ED,
> >
> > You are saying (almost): everybody is a hypocrite. Is that the way the
> > world is?
> >
> > anthony

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