You said you had studied with Maezumi Roshi for ten years. In view of
the roshi's idiosycracies, in your experience, did his Dharma successors
(and in particular Loori and Merzel) turn out to be kosher/halal



Maezumi-roshi gave Dharma transmission </wiki/Dharma_transmission>  to
the following individuals:
Tetsugen Bernard Glassman </wiki/Tetsugen_Bernard_Glassman>  Dennis
Genpo Merzel </wiki/Dennis_Genpo_Merzel>  Charlotte Joko Beck
</wiki/Charlotte_Joko_Beck>  Jan Chozen Bays </wiki/Jan_Chozen_Bays> 
John Daido Loori </wiki/John_Daido_Loori>  Gerry Shishin Wick
</wiki/Gerry_Shishin_Wick>  John Tesshin Sanderson
</wiki/John_Tesshin_Sanderson>  Alfred Jitsudo Ancheta Charles Tenshin
Fletcher </wiki/Charles_Tenshin_Fletcher>  Susan Myoyu Andersen Nicolee
Jikyo McMahon William Nyogen Yeo </wiki/William_Nyogen_Yeo>

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