So do you have a comment about this?
To amplify my comment to Bill.  When I watched Gempo say  this to  a student, I 
do not believe he was saying this in such a way as to confront the student with 
his own reality, a.k.a. "tough love".  Gempo was visably irritated, and his 
body language, tone of voice and entire behavior indicated that he, himself,  
had simply lost control.  As for Andrew Cohen,  frankly-- I cannot understand 
this guy.  He can talk non-stop for hours.  My ears hurt when  starts rambling 
on and on with what I perceive as psycho-spiritual-intelli-babble.  Hailed as 
brilliant,  I cannot understand most of what he says.
I do understand the point of this video, but I can't see Jack Kornfield, TNH, 
Cheryl Hubbard and so on, behaving this way.  But perhaps it is also telling to 
note that this is a teaching style I avoided as not right for  me.

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The Teacher-Student Relationship: Genpo Roshi & Andrew Cohen 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VsnVFVF2Xs  (8:44)


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