It didn't cross my mind  for a second your post as criticism.On the contrary I 
appreciate very much that you took your time and write what you were seeing.  
And still I keep seeing the form in the non form and the non form in the form.  
It's the experience of giving a description of that I'm unable to do.
 Please do keep interacting whenever you feel like it in any posting.  My 
postings are opened to everyone in the forum response including those whose 
interaction is not easy going..In fact Whatever wrong doings to my person, I've 
forgiven.  if any negative action may I have unwanted done to anyone can also 
be forgiven.  And like this we can start all a new again.    
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I hope you know all my comments to you have not been criticisms. I am just 
interacting with you as Bill! to Mayka. Nothing more than that.

In your last response you wrote:

Mayka: Not only I missed out but I went into the thinking mind!.

[Bill!] Yes! But you missed out BECAUSE you went into the thinking mind. As 
soon as you go into the thinking mind (I call it discriminating mind) you are 
lost! Lost in the world of forms, the world of illusions. When the 
discriminating mind springs to life there is, as you suggested in an early 
post, There, Here, Then, Good, Bad, Bill!, Mayka, etc...

There is no longer Just THIS!. 


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