Chris and Lluis:
Thank you for such a sweet thought!.  It brought a big smile on me.
I paste here a video with Spanish subtittles created by myself with the 
chanting and practise of Metta sending energy to the 10 directions. Tibetan 
Photographs from this video were passed onto me by a young Tibetan gentleman 
who is not a monastic but lives in Tibet. I've found very beautiful this 
practise of Metta.
Lay back Members and enjoy sending energy to 10 directions!!!

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Subject: [Zen] Thanks for an engaging listserv!
Date: Thursday, 25 November, 2010, 21:38


I really enjoy interacting with the zen forum. It is entertaining and 
educational (in the old sense, to be led out of myself). 

I bow to the ten directions in gratitude. May the winds of this day find all of 
you well!

Chris Austin-Lane
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