By 'work on' them, you undoubtedly mean resolve the koan with the
non-discursive mind.

The consequence of this is that the 'meaning' of koans is *private*, and
a koan's ineffable meaning is known to the Master only.

This fact grants the Zen Master sole and incontestable power to
pronounce judgment on whether a koan has been resolved by the the
student or not - and his judgment is beyond appeal.

Therefore, the koan-resolving practice is based on a total and blind
faith in the roshi.


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> Mayka,
> Here is a link to one of the most well known collection of koans THE
> There' absolutely no problem with just reading and enjoying these. You
don't have to "work on them' and in fact shouldn't try if you're not
working with a competent zen teacher.

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