Often times people say "be like a child" when trying to explain Zen, but it
is only select parts of a child that are truly Zen.  Here is one my daughter
exhibits quite regularly:

(Something falls off a table all by it's own.)
"It fell."

(Something is accidentally pushed off the table by someone.)
"It fell."

(Something is intentionally dropped or pushed off a table by someone.)
"It fell."

Which brings me to an article I read recently,
Here is the quote that came to mind:

"“In English,” she says, moving her hand toward the cup, “if I knock this
cup off the table, even accidentally, you would likely say, ‘She broke the
cup.’ ” In Japanese or Spanish, however, intent matters, she explains.

If one deliberately knocks the cup, there is a verb form to indicate as
much. But if the act were an accident, Boroditsky says, a smile dancing
across her lips as she translates from Spanish, the speaker would
essentially say, “The cup broke itself.”"

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