Nor does it change human nature on greed, aversion and delusion that lead to 
killing, lying, robbing and raping?

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Sitting can calm the mind and make it more receptive to the Teachings (of the 
Buddha); and living by these Teachings will drastically curtail the creation of 
new turmoil in the mind.
It is not at all clear whether realizing Buddha Nature can augment one's 
psychological/emotional/relational smarts significantly, unless supplemented 
with mental health counseling - and then only perhaps.
Nor will it necessarily rectify personality disorders.
Nor does it guarantee deeper psychological insight into human or group 
Nor does it necessarily strip one of the religio-cultural fakery that almost 
always becomes part and parcel of one's stance in life.
Nor does it necessarily enhance understanding of normal and natural 
human and human group behavior.
Nor does it ever completely neutralize the pull of the triple cardinal 
attractors: Wealth, sex and power.
Nor does it necessarily enhance one's ethical insights and behaviors.
Nor those it ever squash the ego, but possibly only refines it.
PS1: Please do not view the above statement as 'ex cathedra' utterances, but as 
statements to initiate the discussion of alternative perspectives and 
undertandings on these matters. 
PS2: The ordinary human life is a non-attainment of the above goals.
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> Chris,
> Keep sitting for all our sakes. 
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