The Noble Eightfold Path:


1. Right View

2. Right Intention


3. Right Speech

4. Right Action

5. Right Livlihood

6. Right Effort

Mental Development

7. Right Mindfulness

8. Right Concentration


A Buddhist understanding of 'right' in the Noble Eightfold Path is to be
found in:

1. Right View <#Right_View>  Wisdom  2. Right Intention
<#Right_Intention>   3. Right Speech <#Right_Speech>  Ethical Conduct 
4. Right Action <#Right_Action>   5. Right Livelihood
<#Right_Livelihood>   6. Right Effort <#Right_Effort>  Mental
Development  7. Right Mindfulness <#Right_Mindfulness>   8. Right
Concentration <#Right_Concentration> ===================

Apparently, Samurai warriors learned zen (Mental Development  or
Meditation) from Zen monks, but their motivation and ethics, and their
understanding of 'right' were different. See:


--- In, <billsm...@...> wrote:
> [ED] Bill, from whom did you first learn of the existence of two
> entities, 'zen' and 'Zen' (Zen Buddhism)?

> [Bill!] I discovered that myself, although I might have received a
hint of
> this from my first teacher (Koryu Roshi) was a lay roshi from the
> Zen Buddhist Rinzai tradition who deemphasized the importance of
> vows.

> There are also a lot of references in traditional zen literature that
> could be interpreted to support this: 'If you meet the Buddha on the
> kill him', tales of Buddhist scholars that burned their books after
> enlightened, the constant use of everyday objects and activities
rather than
> religious objects and activities by ancient zen masters when asked
> Buddha Mind.

> Now of course I probably read into those what I want to hear
> to support my belief. I also have a belief that the experience of
> Mind is THE basic religious experience as described by most all
religions -
> especially Christianity with which I am most familiar.

> If this experience
> is universal then it is not exclusively Buddhist. I think it is
> and it is just expressed in different cultures and societies using the
> language they have available. This is why I say Zen Buddhism is a
> expression of zen.

> [ED]Are the centres established by Maezumi, Shunryu Suzuki, Joshu
Sazaki and
> other Japanese Teachers 'zen' centers or 'Zen Buddhist' centers?

> [Bill!] The Zen Center of Los Angeles (ZCLA) established by Maezumi
> and the several satellite centers are Zen Buddhist centers. I can't
> to the other roshi's centers but I'd expect them to be Zen Buddhist
> ...Bill!

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