Eternity, Being, and Becoming

BEING applies to a living entity, and no matter where or when that
BEING,  is, was, or will be. Every living thing is A BEING; whether it
be in a Human  BEING, a Dog BEING, a Horse BEING, or any other life form
BEING. It means to BE  and to know it. Being exists in two modes:
Essential nature in its timeless  Ground of BEING; and in Manifestation,
or physical material incarnation BEING,  for a duration of Time. The two
parts are never disconnected whilst the second  part exists in Form. 
But when the second  part does not exist in FORM then it again returns
to Essence, or Essential  BEING, in the Ground of its BEING, from whence
it is in its Eternal and  unchanging state of BEING. Essential BEING is
in no need of TIME and  CHANGE.

Whilst BEING is in FORM  then it  is connected to its Essential Timeless
BEING by way of the BRIDGE which connects  the two aspects of BEING. In
modern vernacular the BRIDGE is called the Occult;  or the Soul or the
Subconscious. Meaning for the large part in its being hidden  from
consciousness. But not all the time; but whether hidden or not it is
always  working; and it is there for being used and as well as merely
working.   The mode of the Essential part of BEING (the  SELF) is the
Mystical.  Thus the Mystical  and the Occult are NOT the same thing. Or
in other words the Spirit or Life  Force of the BEING  is not the same
thing  as the SOUL of the BEING. They are two things, and two of the
three parts of  Manifest BEING. But all three parts are connected up
whilst Manifestation is  occurring. WE are living in a time when the
Occult seems to be a bridge too far,  and the Essential nature of BEING
is two bridges too far for the current social  paradigm. Neither science
or religions know them, and education does not teach  them.

But none of this, and the above mentioned two parts, even touches upon 
BECOMING. So, BECOMING is a third bridge too far for the existing
cultural  paradigm. So why bother to delve into it or make mention of
it. All three  aspects are three bridges too far for the current time;
let alone the last one -  BECOMING.  But in effect it is all about  the
type of cultivation of seed within being whilst modulated by freedom of 
choice and actions among the levels of BEING which are endowed with
freedom of  choice.  That which each person choose to  sow and cultivate
within them will then issue forth ITS fruit, and they and they  alone
will reap the harvest of that which they have sown and cultivated within
them, whilst in Manifestation; and their middle part, the BRIDGE, the 
Soul/Subconscious, will permit of that and make it so. All for the
lessons  of.

Thus, and even though it is a waste of time mentioning any of these
parts  and processes; it is still well to realise that that which you
sow then so will  you come to reap the harvest of.  It is  cause and
effect – not magic.   If you  cannot keep that to the forefront of
your mind, then at least keep on the back  burner. The bed which you
make for yourself then you will sleep in and walk  with. Until you
choose otherwise and take serious action upon it. And which you  can do
at any time. It is never too late to change course and direction. What
do  you want to become in Form? Until you decide then you will bob
around on the  waves of spacetime with no rudder and no wind in your
sail; as if in a fog in  the doldrums.  So DECIDE.

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