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> Correction: the radio waves, before union with an embryo, take the
form of an intermediate called bardo, which continues its romantic
adventure where the dying person left off. This is a Tibetan theory,
much more colorful than what you describe. However, neither of them
conforms to Buddha's teachings. He says when a person dies, another
entity (maybe a dog or a hungry ghost) was born. The two entities are
not different, but are not the same either.
> Anthony

> How does the mind go from one body to another?
> Think of it being like radio waves. The radio waves, which are not
made up of words and music but energy at different frequencies, are
transmitted, travel through space, are attracted to and picked up by the
receiver from where they are broadcast as words and music. It is the
same with the mind. At death, mental energy travels through space, is
attracted to and picked up by the fertilized egg. As the embryo grows,
it centers itself in the brain from where it later "broadcasts" itself
as the new personality.

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> > Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche when asked what reincarnates replied, "Your
> > neuroses."

> > > You can replace the word 'soul' with 'thought', 'mind' or whatever
> > think is not, or the opposite of 'matter'.
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