'Amen!' requires an end. Is there ever an *end* to the shenanigans in
the typical human male-female relationship? ;-)


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Do I hear an 'Amen!'?


> Good morning All,
> Viki has been meditating with us for over 10 years now. Through out
> journey, she has learned to give, to give, to give, to serve, to serve
> and serve, while her husband, Dr. Tracy Lee with an upbringing of a
> Chinese husband, does no house chores whatsoever. Similar to my father
> and my grandpa. Viki did not complain. She just fulfilling each moment
> as always and more each day.
> Last week, Viki shared with us with joy, that after twenty years of
> marriage. Tracy finally took the initiative to cook dinner every day,
> after he realized that he is home much earlier than Viki, because she
> has more work to do at the office.
> Because of it, I share the lesson that I have learned. From time to
> time you may have heard that I spoil my wife bad. I do things most of
> the husbands are not willing to do, because they consider it beyond
> their duty. The secret of doing more than asking for, actually results
> in my own liberation.
> A lot of times, I have to get up in midst of an exciting Laker's game
> wash dishes. I have to swallow my ego to say or to do things my father
> would look down upon for not being a man, meaning against my own
> The truth that I have learned is that, fulfilling every moment, or do
> more as needed, actually liberate myself from all mental construct of
> who I am and who I should do, or be, or think. I am capable to do
> anything at any time now. Yes, I am free finally.
> "Isn't that so?" I asked Tracy. He smiled and nodded.
> "You practice and witness." my Teacher would say. "Life is in your own
> hand. I am just a tour guide."
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