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Chan in Chinese is 禪。  The Japanese pronounce the same character "zen".

In Chinese, the left half of the character means "spirit" as well as "body". The right half of the character means Singular.

Chan means the universe as a whole, including the visible and the invisible, the static and the dynamic, the form and the energy, the perpetual and the impermanent. We call this wholeness, or the universe as one for short.

The Chan practice is to unify our body, mind and spirit as one then unify our one with the Big One, in energy, wisdom and spirit. Not to understand, not to imagine, but to attain.

Shakyamuni and Jesus both awake to the essence Chan, or the universe, or the meaning of life, and went to teach others. People labeled their teachings as Buddhism and Christianity or something like that.

I am sure many other people witnessed Chan and taught in many different ways. Some of us study it. Some of us analyze it. Some of us idolize it. Few of us be one with the One.

While the simple truth is we were borne from it and always part of it. All sufferings are caused by our intentional or unintentional separation from it, either physically or spiritually.

Too often we were mesmerized by the words and concept of the teaching and forgot that we really don't need anything, but just to sit down and cultivate our awareness.

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JMJM, one what?  --ED

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