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In the final analysis, you are 'right.'  'Liberation' is indeterminate,
whether claimed for self or by others.

Play with anyone and everyone you please, whether liberated or not -
provided you are enjoying it - and then 'walk on.'


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Good morning to All,

Liberation is more about our being, notions and intentions than about
our actions or words. Judging whether someone is liberated or not from
actions or words could be risky unless we were informed of their
invisible intentions.

Liberation is really for our spirit. We are the only one who knows
whether we are liberated or not.

Buddha has awakened to Absolute Equality and Absolute Awareness.

Could we and would we be awakened to Absolute Equality. Could we talk
and act with Absolute Equality, without any sense of positions, roles
and sex imprinted into us?

Could we and would we be a husband and a wife at same time? Or a
manager and an employee? A follower and a leader? A student and a
teacher? A seeker and sought?

How we act does not matter as much as whether we are attached to the
discrimination of roles, responsibilities, rules or even moralities.
That is if we could always maintain a state of harmonious intentions,
with equality and with loving kindness. When our mind is pure, our
heart will shine. Purity is the first key practice as taught by my

Only when we truly awake to the fact that we are no one, then we could
be anyone at any moment.

The minute we began to defend our position or role, our ego is in play.
We have thus lost our liberation.

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