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Never underestimate the creativity and power of the discursve mind! It
keeps millions of Internet groups and hundreds of millions of posters
occupied and happy.  This is what distinguishes our culture as being

--ED  ;-)

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> ED,
> I looked at the book, at page 343 as you suggested.
> It's just unbeleiveable to me that someone could think they could say
anything relevant about zen in 550+ page book. Zen is so simple and
uncomplicated I just don't know how anyone could squeeze that many words
out of it - or any words for that matter.
> Talk about 'selling water by the river'! This is like selling a whole
fleet of tankers with 90 different flavors of water, carbonated water,
ice in all shapes and sizes, steam in a variety of pressures - and yes,
selling all these different forms of water - you guessed it - by the
> ...Bill!

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