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In this forum, we speak to each other in koans.

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ED and all other nonZen members, I looked at the dialogues below and I
be surprised if Bill had been somewhat bewildered by the line of

1. In Zen, there are a lot of unspoken teachings which many who follow
habitually articulate. One reason for this is because it prevents the
from attaching to actual instructions to the last letter. To have such
instructions implanted in somenone's brain could end in disaster if such
teachings are ever applied to everything and anything without

Everyone can deny it all they like, but WE ALL just love specific
and directions...as if we're still children who can't possibly be left
to our
own devices. And here comes along something called Zen, which allows not
much freedom, but also maturity

2. Satori/Kensho/Whatever is nothing more than a by-product of constant
zazen(seated meditation) practise. According to monk Shunryu Suzuki, it
has been
said that this 'satori' as such was experienced by the Buddha, but which
was not
permanent and therefore never absolute, irrespective of what the
dictionary says
of the meaning of the word. This means that suffering as such for a
human being
comes at any time, and no enlightenment will prevent future heartbreaks
taking place in the future. Dualistic thinking is indeed very hard to
get away
from, but I'm not one to question Suzuki-sensei's knowledge. I've never
been a
monk, but he was

3. There will always be this unavoidable misunderstanding between
academics and
the actual Zen followers. Those who have the Zen teachings burning
within them
actually go through the experiences that academics are merely reading,
speculating about. Reading about it(Zen) and intellectualizing all the
are not enough and will never be enough, which is why the 2 sides I now
speak of
will look like they're both speaking to each other in 2 different
everytime there's an exchange

To the academics and others who love to 'research' Zen...without the
you'll end up with nothing but all sorts of assumptions and
imaginations. It
doesn't make your positions in relation to Zen somewhat lesser. There's
no talk
here of superiority, or inferiority. Academics/researchers are as they
are, as
are Zen followers within their own realms

4. Besides the academics/researchers, I will now also speak of other
'watchers', as such. Many outside of the Zen realms have this thing
Buddhism such as....

- it is so lovely and peaceful(until Buddhist monks in Japan and Korea
are seen
on national TV news burning down each other's temples, with people
inside them)

- a beautiful religion that teaches love and peace(yep, watch 'em

- the sutras and chants are so lovely and magnificent, so I'll do them
as well
so I can also become Buddhist(*giggles*..so funny!)

- I want all this satori/kensho/whatever, then I can be some sort of
super being
who knows everything(*Mel shakes his head in disbelief*)

- Hey, how do you get satori?(*Mel just fainted in disbelief*)

Dissecting Zen or enlightenment under a microscope doesn't work. I'm
sure the
academic questions and statements(not only here, but everywhere else on
offline) are sincere and well-meant, but I personally don't know how far
will get as far as full understanding of Zen are concerned. But then
perhaps people are just as happy making assumptions, which is also fine
if that
works for them

just my thoughts

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> If for simplicity heterosexuals only are considered, it is the
> sex.

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> What 'other sex'? ...Bill!

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> Will experiencing kensho-satori affect a zenist's deep inner
> relationship to the other sex?

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> Buddhism and Sexism Can There Be Buddhist Gender Equality?

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