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Almost all of us, including myself, often travels away from the present moment. Sometimes backward and sometimes forward. It is normal, whether our mind is a beginners' mind or an expert mind. "Beginner" or "expert" are just labels. Mind still behave like a mind.

What we propose is to divert our "attention" away from our thoughts, to follow our breath, and not "counting the breath".(counting is thinking) Then next step is to "focus" on one of our ten major chakras, etc. etc. We have a practice, enabling us to continuously divert our mind away from our thoughts for at least year and half, and simultaneously staying longer in the present moment.

Often even when we are truly committed to "focus" or "attend" to this technique of practice, we still stray away, especially at the beginning. That's okay. Just bring our attention back to whatever we were focusing on.

"Attention" or "focus" to our chakra and energy channel serves two purposes.

   * First it enhances our energy, meaning improving our health.
   * Second, it enhances our "awareness".

"Attention" or "focus" are both functions of our "awareness". This kind of awareness taught in our lineage utilizes our physiological "sense and feel" to our energy points and energy channels is more than just a mental focus. It is a total and whole body focus. This is where it differs from majority of other school.

It is not only effective in improving our health, it also can quickly enhance our "total awareness". "Total awareness" is also call Shen 『神』 or Inner God in Chinese medicine. Please visit our other web site. (http://www.chanliving.org). Religious people call that Inner being, or Spiritual being, or God within.

So that we could maintain our selves in the state of Sambodhi for longer periods and be less affected by our mind.

BTW, science has also shown to us recently, that there is more messages sent to our brain from our body, then the other way around. Therefore Total Awareness is the way to enlightenment and not mental awareness.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Be Enlightened In This Life - We ALL Can

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