Awareness of in and out breathing doesn´t require any extra apart of being 
fully present in the ground of our being while breathing in and out.  Making 
distintions between duality and non duality it sounds more a thought than 
reality.  Reallity doesn´t separates.  It doesn´t make distintions.  

I have a tough cold.  I breathe in, I breathe out.  I stay with my cold.  I 
experience all sensations given by the cold.  Wouldn´t be at this point the 
thought of duality a distraction taking attention away from what is really 
happening, from what is there right now?.  I have a cold. I can sit down and 


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      Hello all

I'm often the sort of person who says it straight from the heart without 
thinking of the consequences, even if it's to my detriment. You often see this 
type of character(eg. Piglet, from the tales of Pooh)...the type of character 
who often gets shot down even by those supposedly close to him for even just 
stating an opinion. I'm not the only one like this. There must be many. Yet, 
pride can't really be afforded to get caught in the cross-fire, especially with 
those who are so full of pride

Perhaps the fault is from within me. I may have not taken seriously enough the 
teachings on emptiness, or the imparmenence of the Self. I'm not going into the 
details, but I was insulted left, right, and center today. However, the 
clear-headed part of me says to move on. Let me elaborate...

It has been said that...for the beginners there are many possibilities, but 
very few as such for the experts on the other hand. A beginner's mind is like a 
clean and stainless glass that one can look through to the other side, whilst 
that of an expert's might be stained and even muddied. How can one look at all 
the possibilities through a dirty window to the outside? It's almost as bad as 
a clean rock or stone that had been rolled over and again across mud, dust, 
soil, and whatever the point that the original rock/stone doesn't 
recognize itself any longer. Perhaps I am that same rock/stone as well, and 
I've covered myself up with all sorts of 'mud' of the point 
that the original Self is barely recognizable, nor can see all the 
possibilities of the outside world. While I feel sorry for myself, each moment 
of wasteful not-doing goes past

In this case, the mud/dirt(read PRIDE/worry over the impermanent SELF) 
'covering' me and therefore limiting the possiblities..well..this may well be 
the real issue at hand. Each moment followed by another moment, how can one 
live fully each moment if one is still living the previous moments? The object 
of hurt feelings is already long gone, yet why still live in the past moment? A 
clear head/heart is like clear glass. It's as if one's eyes is fully wide, and 
awake. To live each moment in full, and the moment after, and after, and 

It is indeed not easy for a Zen student to leave dualistic thinking behind

just my thoughts






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