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Awareness of in and out breathing doesn´t require any extra apart of being 
fully present in the ground of our being while breathing in and out.  Making 
distintions between duality and non duality it sounds more a thought than 
reality.  Reallity doesn´t separates.  It doesn´t make distintions. 
MEL: Yes, definitely 

I have a tough cold.  I breathe in, I breathe out.  I stay with my cold.  I 
experience all sensations given by the cold.  Wouldn´t be at this point the 
thought of duality a distraction taking attention away from what is really 
happening, from what is there right now?.  I have a cold. I can sit down and 
MEL: Yes. Unfortunately, each and every zazen period is never perfect. I 
couldn't stop coughing the other night as I sat. Nevertheless, I continued. 
Healthy Buddha, suffering Buddha...both the same, both processes. There is 
nothing that is always ever perfect, but we continue because Buddha dies in 
each coming moment only to shed the old skin, and then emerges once 
more....just  as the dead and dying Phoenix rises once again from the ashes of 
It has been said that one must find Buddha/The Way in imperfection, not 
perfection. Only in imperfection can one truly seek the origin of all. It has 
also been said that the best way to return to calm waters is to sit. But, one 
cannot sit in the middle of a rush-hour traffic when the beast within has 
craves and desires. What to do, but breath..
in peace


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