Hello ED and all
It has never been my intention to discuss or speak of Christian scripture in a 
Zen forum. Nevertheless.....

Yahweh does not discuss, he gives a direct command
MEL: Yep, that was my statement
ED: Like a command to behave as follows?
Uri Avnery
"The Darkness to Expel!"
MEL: Israel's current situation is not what I had in mind. Having gone through 
the first 5 books of Moses at least a couple of times and currently going 
through the Book of Judges, the situation God/Yahweh/Jehovah asks of from His 
creation are exactly as He wants them. Fear Him, love Him, obey Him beyond all 
reasonable doubt...these in turn, are awarded with endless harvests, livestock, 
seed(offsprings) and much more. Lots of harvests and livestock, with a 
huge parts of these to be offered as sacrifices throughout the year(God giveth, 
and God taketh away). Together with His moral laws and others, these particular 
laws are to be obeyed without question to the last letter. None to be added to, 
none to be subtracted from, and therefore why I have made the statement above
Many will counter the above interpretation as invalid because Jesus teaches 
otherwise, or in a manner that is more compassionate, loving, and 
understanding. Such thinking will present problems because....
- the bible is called Bible, not NewTestament or Jesus; there is no picking and 
choosing when it comes to Yahweh's holy book, for one has to take all(including 
the highly erotic Song of Songs/Song of Solomon)
- one has to decide if Jesus is God, or where the Trinity fits in one's 
biblical life; if Jesus is God, then God as such has changed the rules which 
contradicts His earlier statements in earlier scripture about being definite 
and absolute in His decisions for Man...and with all these confusion, the 
churchy types ask me why I left a promising and blessed Semitic way of 
When it came to being one of Yahweh's, I also had to be careful that I didn't 
look too much or too closely into the actual, secular/non-biblical history of 
Israel itself and the surrounding nations nearby. Apparently, one could be as 
academic or scholarly about scripture, but not with anything that contradicts 
it even just a little bit
in peace


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