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Different Zen teachers differ in details as to how Shikantaza should be
practised. Does this sort of variation exist among Chan teachers too?

Thank you, ED

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Onnly a handful I would say, Ed.

Thank you for asking.  There is a historical reason.

1898, when Japanese introduced Zen to the US in Chicago.  China was
ruled by emperors.  From 1911 to 1949, we had all sorts of civil wars.

Then China was split into two in 1946.  The mainland obsolete all
religious practice by the communist.  The Taiwanese were too poor to
worry about spiritual well being until 1980.  There are about four major
Buddhist school flourished in Taiwan since 1980.

Taiwanese Buddhist did not enter the US until, I would guess, in 1990's.

We did not have public class for the American Public until 2007, because
we don't have qualified English speaking teachers or materials.

Let me know if there is anything else you will be interested.

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Are there many Chan Masters or Chan centers or Chan temples or Chan
organizations in the US?



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