Everything you experience as real to yourself may not be real to others. As our 
moderator Edgar says, we recognize the outside world through our senses. But 
you and I have different groups of senses, and nobody can prove they experience 
the same object as the same 'reality'.

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Everything one experiences as real *is* real (to oneself) unless and
until one experiences it otherwise.


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> Mel,
> You quote:
> ...'Truth is in things, and not in words'....
> - Herman Melville

> But some say: both things and words are illusions.
> Another quotation:
> I had never come across any teaching within the Zen community that
there is...
> - some supernatural being out there responsible for the creation above
> - a set philosophy set out in exact or detailed instructions
> You see the advantage of zen.
> What is real?
> A good question.
> Anthony

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