Tao Mountain Sage One,


JMJM’s description of slow versus gradual is pretty much the same as I was 
taught in both Soto and Rienzi Zen.


Soto is very much the same as described below- a long period of preparation and 
a sudden enlightenment.   Rienzi focuses on the sudden enlightenment part and 
then deals with the rest later.





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Hello Tao Mountain Sage One,

I assume this is how I should address you,  If not, please excuse me.

There are many different historical versions of the Northern School vs the 
Southern School.  Since I don't know for sure which version is the most 
accurate, my view would not be of any value in reference to which school really 
teaches what.  

However on the PRACTICE of Sudden verses Gradual, my teacher has explained the 

We practice to "gradually" purify our body and mind.  Purify our body, by rid 
of dirty chi and replenish it with fresh chi.  Purify our mind by rid of all 
thoughts and let our heart enhances its awareness physically and spiritually, 
or in other words "totally".

When our body and mind are purified to a certain degree, "suddenly" we enter 
into a meditative state witnessing the Ultimate Truth, or some call it, Final 
Form or True Form.

In other words, the purification process is gradual and the awakening is sudden.

Since you sounded like a Taoist, is it true in the Taoiest language, that we 
Conserve our Jing, Develop our Chi, so to Enhance our Shen.  When Shen reaches 
a certain level, we shall enter Tian (Heaven).   

I hope that I have answered clearly to your questions.  Do let me know if 

Thank you for asking.

Be Enlightened In This Life - We ALL Can

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To Jue Miao Jing Ming- Could you please share your views on the northern 
practice in Chan "the school of gradual enlightenment" and the southern school, 
led by HuiNeng "the school of instant enlightenment." Also, what is mental Chan 
and what is spiritual Chan, and lastly, how can one cultivate pure body and 
pure mind. Thanks. taomtnsa...@yahoo.com <mailto:taomtnsage1%40yahoo.com> 

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