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I would say both are NOT believe systems.

From my limited understanding, Tao is a system, or school well documented. It primarily focuses on attaining immortality. I mean with herbs, exercises, etc. etc.

Chan is just a nick name for the entire universe for thousands of years. I was curious to its origin many years ago. I dug here and there and could not find an answer. Even Wikipedia stated, if I remember correctly, "the original of Chan can not be traced."

Chan did not have an official teaching order until BodhiDharma showed up. But my teacher often pointed out how incomplete are some of the Buddhist interpretation.

Our school is really about direct, really is direct, experience. That's all.

Sorry, these are my best answers.  JM

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To Jue Miao Jing Ming- Could you please tell me some of the differences between Tao and Chan. Also, which belief system developed first. Thanks for your help...taomtnsa...@yahoo.com <mailto:help...taomtnsage1%40yahoo.com>

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