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>From my limited understanding, Tao is a system, or school well documented.  It 
>primarily focuses on attaining immortality.  I mean with herbs, exercises, 
>etc. etc
MEL: I may need to research this later, but my also current limited 
understanding had been that Taoism only became a religion when it became 
institutionalized...and therefore herbs, exercises, and so on(Eventual mix with 
Confucian teachings, no?)
I have come across(pictures, and in person...I think even attended one 
service) some supposedly Taoist temples. I personally can't tell these days 
whether they put their emphasis on rituals/ceremonies, or something simple like 
the TaoTeChing

Chan is just a nick name for the entire universe for thousands of years.  I was 
curious to its origin many years ago.  I dug here and there and could not find 
an answer.  Even Wikipedia stated, if I remember correctly, "the original of 
Chan can not be traced."

Chan did not have an official teaching order until BodhiDharma showed up.
MEL: I have heard Hindus(and also Sikhs?) say similar  
But my teacher often pointed out how incomplete are some of the Buddhist 
MEL: My...that is a very strong claim....and which might bring the dualistic 
beast in every Buddhist out there(*laughter*). Me? I no longer lay claim to 
such a title. Well, I can't..not that it matters..

Our school is really about direct, really is direct, experience.  That's all.

Sorry, these are my best answers.  JM
MEL: No problems. Thanks JMJM!
in peace



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