Hi Alex,

Thanks for your answer and explanation. It is now a bit more clear.
I also gave a look on the blogs of Pieter and this private / public key system 
is for authenticating the subscribers and after you are authenticated some 
short-term keys are exchanged.
So what I did, I created a .curve directory on my publisher with the public key 
of the subscriber, and only the subscriber has the private key (and keeps it 
So now only the subscriber can connect to the socket of the publisher. And then 
they are securely exchanging the data which will be send between publisher and 



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Hi Roy,

it seems you are convoluting how ZeroMQ and CurveMQ work. ZMQ simply abstracts 
how clients talk over a network. Pub-Sub is a fine example of that since you, 
as a developer can write programs where clients can fan-out messages, i.e. from 
one node to many others in one direction.
This does not mean, however, that this is what actually happens. In fact, ZMQ 
opens as many (bidirectional) TCP connections between the publisher and all the 
subscribers and sends pretty much the same message from the publisher to all 
the subscribers, each in its own connection.

What this means for encryption is that the high-level message you send is 
actually encrypted with the public key of each subscriber and then sent 
individually. In fact, a single subscriber could never decrypt a message that 
was sent to another subscriber.

TL;DR it just _seems_ as though the publisher is "encrypting" the message once 
with his private key, but in fact the message is encrypted as many times as 
there are subscribers.



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