This is a followup to my earlier post on 16 Feb 2018 regarding reactor shutdown 
when using zactors. I did get one response (thanks Luca!) but I did not 
describe the problem adequately, so here goes in the hopes that someone can 
help me do it right.

timer_handler(zloop, timer_id, pipe) {
// passes msg from pipe to timer_thread

socket_handler(zloop, zsock, pipe) {
// passes msg from pipe to socket_thread

main() {
     Create zactor “timer_thread”
     Create zactor “socket_thread”
     zloop_timer(loop, <stuff>, timer_handler, timer_thread as arg)
     zloop_reader(loop, socket, socket_hander, socket_thread as arg)
    while (!zsys_interrupted) {
                if (zloop_start(loop) != 0)
                           break; //termination received

So when a message comes in over a socket, zloop calls the handler and it sends 
it thru to the zactor. Similarly when the timer goes off it also sends data to 
its thread. The problem I’m having is making the threads exit. Right now only 
one exits at a time when I hit CTRL-C. I have to hit it 3 times to fully exit 
the application. Each of the zactors is calling

int check_interrupt(zsock_t *pipe) {
    int interrupt = 0;
    char *msg = zstr_recv(pipe);

    if (zsys_interrupted || (msg && !strcmp(msg, "$TERM")))
        interrupt = -1;

    return interrupt;


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