Dear Brs Ram and Shinde,
  Let me give my opinion on this matter as I am very frequent visitor to 
Libraries where ever I stay.
   It is wrong to say that Gandhi's influence is on decline in US. It is 
increasing day by day in western countries unlike in India. That is due to the 
glorification of Gandhi in Attenborough’s film and Dr Martin Luther's King's 
propagation of Gandhian ideas in US.
   It is not true that people reading books are on decline. A book is a book. 
Invention of audios CDs or publication books on Internet did not diminish one 
of the great habits of human kind - reading. Though I am a computer 
professional, I prefer reading a book rather than listening to CD or reading on 
internet. I feel good when I read book holding in my hands. If you go to any 
Library, you can see people checking 10s books at one time. For some people, 
reading books is a passion which they do not get by reading them on internet.  
So, books are in demand and it will be so in future. So, I am 100% agree with 
Br Shinde. To spread the Dr Ambedkar's literature and dalit literature, the 
best way is to donate books to Libraries in large numbers all around the world. 
Where ever I go, my habit is to check how many books are there in that library 
system on Dalit issues. To my surprise, I did not even find Dr Ambedkar 
biographies in many of the county libraries. Even in LA central library, I
 could not fine Dr Ambedkar biography though I found other Dalit literature, 
though small numbers. So, the need of the hour is to donate our books to 
libraries where ever possible. That is not small issue. I proposed a Dalit 
library club a year back and the response is almost nil. If we have at least 
10-20 people who are ready to spend a paltry sum of $100 a year, we can get 
hundreds of books from India at very cheaper prices. We may read them for 
ourselves and donate to libraries all over US. So, I am ready to shoulder this 
responsibility if 10-20 people come forward to spend $100 (or $50) per year. 
   We can also bombard internet with videos, audios and internet article, as 
you have said. But that is not substitute to books.
  So, let us do something wisely, if we really want to spread the word around 
the human kind.
  With regards
  Benjamin Paul Kaila 


Rama Krishna Bhupathi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  Sometime last year I distributed Ambedkar CD's to the local library.
Ambedkar's popularity does not worry me much. Awareness and popularity of
Gandhi is on the decline , while that of Ambedkar's is on the ascendance. It
is only a matter of time before Ambedkar catches up with gandhi.

For the  last two years we in the Bay Area have been  celebrating
Ambedkar's birthday. Nothing of that sort was heard about Gandhi. These
days even the hindus do not like him. Not so much from the Congress party

To popularise Ambedkar  in the western world we need to look to the
internet. Nobody borrows books any more. More books  in the libraries are
being replaced with CDs/DVD's. We should put more videos , media files on
the internet for people to watch and learn.


On 1/29/06, Ravikiran Shinde <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dear All,
> Jaibhim
> Problem: Dr Ambedkar not as popular in North America as Gandhi
> Possible Solution: Fill in the Libraries of America with Books on Dr
> Ambedkar and his Dalit movement. Right now, there is almost nothing that is
> available in these public Libraries here, while there are tones of books
> available on Gandhi.
> I successfully donated Dr. Zelliot's famous book "From untouchables to
> Dalit" to the Columbus Ohio Library. The book is in its catalogue now.
> People in US and Canada, please try to do this in your respective public
> libraries.
> Thank You,
> Ravikiran Shinde
>   Eleanor Zelliot wrote:
> Dear Ravikaran:
> Thank you for your efforts to get people to read about
> Dalits. Now you'll have to get people to go to the library to check out
>   From Untouchable to Dalit to show the Library it is used!
> You might want to post: Untouchable Saints: An Indian Phenomenon, edited
> by Eleanor Zelliot and Rohini Mokashi-Punekar. Manohar 2005, contains
> articles and text about Nandnar, Tirupan Alvar, Chokhamela and his family
> and Ravidas. Only Ravidas is currently of enormous importance to the
> Dalit
> (and Ambedkar) movements, but the creativity of Dalits in early centuries
> is of great importance to knowledge of what the Untouchables actually
> were
> capable of. I doubt if the library should carry this, but I'd be glad to
> send you a personal copy and I'd like the book publisized. Thanks for all
> your good work. Eleanor Z.
> --On Thursday, January 19, 2006 3:28 PM -0800 Ravikiran Shinde
> wrote:
>   Dear Eleanor,
>   Happy to let you know that your book " From untouchables to Dalit" is
>   now catalogued in the Columbus Metropolitan Library. After much efforts,
>   I could ask them to catalogue it.
>   They are not buying any new books since it they are short of funding.
>   Normally, they would accpet books from the author that already has a
> book
>   in the Library catalgue. In your case, I gave areference to Mr Vasant
>   Moons biography
>   ( which is available i n the library) and your association with it.
>   Perhaps this is one of the best ways to popularise Dr Ambedkar in North
>   America- i.e To keep donating books related to him and the Dalit
>   movement.
>   Thank you very much for sending the book to me.
>   I am currently maintaining the website If you have any
>   recent research material available on Dalit subject that you want to
>   publish, I will be more than happy to post it on the website.
>   Take care,
>   Ravikiran Shinde
>   Eleanor Zelliot wrote:
>   Dear Ravi: Thanks enormously. I have printed out her article. And I am
>   delighted that Moon's autobiography, which was a labor of love for me,
> is
>   in the Columbus Library. The problem is that few of us publish in the
> US.
>   Most of my work has been published in India and those volumes are just
>   not
>   picked up by U.S. public Libraries although they are in University
>   libraries.. I feel I am at fault at this, but there is a limit to my
>   energy and publishing in India was the normal path. You might ask your
>   library to get: The Essential Writings of B.R. Ambedkar, edited by
>   Valerian Rodrigues and published by Oxford University Press in 2002 in
>   India, but probably available here quite easily. The Library might not
>   wan t to try to get all18 volumes of Moon's edition of Dr. Babasaheb
>   Ambedkar Writings and Speeches, but the Rodrigues is very good and easy
>   to
>   get and would be a good beginning. Christophe Jaffrelot's Dr. Ambedkar
>   and
>   Untouchabilty: Analysing and Fighting Caste, is being published by
>   Columba
>   University press and your library should get that. Columbia has also
>   published Omprakash Valmiki's Joothan, An Untouchables Life, translated
>   from Hindi by Arun Prabh Mukherjee (2003). Narendra Jadhav's
>   autobiography
>   will soon be published by Simon and Schuster. All of these will help
>   American libraries do more with Dalit. If you send me your hard address,
>   I'll send you a copy of my From Untouchable To Dalit for the library. It
>   is paperback, which they may not prefer, but it is nicely printed by
>   Manohar, which has recently also done our Untouchable Saints: An Indian
>   Phenomenon.
>   I should have learned the jargon that American publishers want, but I
>   have
>   always been pushed to publish something needed and I despise jargon
>   anyway.
>   But I think more of us are now aiming at the American market. I'll keep
>   you informed. Eleanor Z.
>   --On Monday, September 05, 2005 10:21 AM -0700 Ravikiran Shinde
>   wrote:
>    6. asp
>   Eleanor Zelliot
>   30240 Cannon River Blvd
>   Randolph MN 55065

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