Reservation to how many?: Give good education to dalits

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister on Wednesday demanded provision of
reservation for Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims in Patna. She said
that she is in favour of giving reservation to the poor belonging to
the upper caste. Mayawati's advocacy for reservation is not new.
Raising the issue of reservation to increase mandate and vote bank,
tendency of setting aside talent and skill is now common. But the lack
of will power is found about the betterment, social upliftment and
providing education. Rather the Government needs to ponder as to how
to empower them, how can they get better education. First of all it is
important that the deprived sections have the requisite
qualifications. Hence the Union and the state governments should
deliberate on providing quality education. By just providing them
reservation would only result in lowering standard. If it happens then
in coming 10-12 years the country would have to face its consequences.
Even otherwise reservation has been in vogue for uplifting a section
of the populace for quite some time but unfortunately a majority of
dalits continue to live below the poverty line. The role of politics
is no less behind it. The need of the hour is to provide quality
education to the children of the deprived people. Governments and
leaders should make special efforts to give them solid education and
to make them strong. Good schools and better teachers should be
arranged in village level schools and in poor localities so that their
foundation becomes strong and they can tread with mainstream and
advanced society.

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