Thursday, July 3, 2008
Manda Krishna demands 'Kantri' to say 'Sorry'

Manda Krishna demands 'Kantri' to say 'Sorry'

Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi (MRPS) president Manda Krishna
Madiga slammed Junior NTR starrer 'Kantri' movie. Speaking to the
media, he lashed out at the film's producer, director and hero. He
expressed his anguish and alleged that the film was against Ambedkar
and Dalits. He said, "The film is insulting Ambedkar and Dalits. The
film showed Dalits as anti-social elements."

Manda Krishna demanded the film's producer, director and hero to
tender unconditional apology to Dalits immediately.

Dalits's ire

A group of IAS and IPS officers met most recently and decided to ask
their community leaders to fight against this issue.

They found a scene where a ghetto of Dalits is shown with Ambedkar's
statue. The inhabitants of the ghetto introduce themselves as
notorious criminals.

This amounts to denigrating not only Dalits but also the architect of
the constitution, the officers conclude.

Dalit leaders may give ultimatum to the director and producer of the
film to delete the scene.

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