Dalit man killed in clash, locals go on rampage in Uttar Pradesh

Published: Sunday, Aug 15, 2010, 21:59 IST
Place: Kaushambi (UP) | Agency: PTI

A Dalit was killed during a clash between two communities in Kaushambi
today after which villagers went on a rampage, torched the house of
the suspect and threw brickbats injuring a policeman, official sources

Hori Lal, 35, was shot dead allegedly by a member of another community
during the clash in Lahna village.

Angry members of Lal's community torched the house of the man who
allegedly fired the bullet and indulged in brickbatting when police
tried to disperse them. Deputy superintendent of police Sushil was
injured in the incident, police said.

Heavy police force have been deployed in the area to control the situation.

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