Teachers turn devil for a nursery boy & Dalit kids

Akash Vashishtha
Ghaziabad, August 22, 2010

Bihar: 8-yr-old thrashed for Rs 2 The principal of a Ghaziabad school
allegedly beat up a Class I student for stepping out of the classroom.

Sanjog Kumar (5) sustained an injury in his head that needed a visit
to a hospital and seven stitches.

The student of Brightland Public School in Govindpuram started
bleeding profusely after the principal slapped him and hit him with a
stick, his family alleged.

"During recess, the principal, Balvin Khandelwal, reportedly came to
the nursery class and found my son outside the room. She slapped
Sanjog and asked him to go back to the class," Sanjog's father,
Sanjay, an electronics dealer, said.

But Sanjog, it appears was in no mood to listen to the teacher. "After
a while, Sanjog went out of the class again. But when the principal
caught him standing outside the classroom again, she got annoyed and
hit him with a stick. The force of her blow threw Sanjog against the
corner of a wooden bench and his head hit one of its edges," Sanjay

According to the boy's parents, they received a call from the school
around10.30 am.

They were told Sanjog had taken a fall while indulging in some
mischief and was injured.

" We immediately rushed to the school and were surprised to see that
the school had kept him as he was. They had not even administered
first aid," Sanjay said.

The parents also found that Sanjog had bled profusely from the cut and
his uniform was blood- stained. "The school staff had changed his
dress as it was completely soaked in blood," Sanjay said.

The boy's father also alleged that he was initially not allowed even
to meet the principal.

"When we sought their permission to take our son to a hospital, they
prevented us from doing so and said the school would do it," he said.

The parents also alleged that the principal was rude when they met
her. " When we told the principal we were paying the fees to get our
child educated and not to get him beaten up, she told us she would
issue us a transfer certificate," Sanjay said.

Sanjog was taken to the MMG Hospital where he the injury was stitched
and dressed. Sanjay later lodged a complaint with the Kavi Nagar
police, who have registered a case against the principal.

SSP Raghubir Lal said: "We are probing the incident. It cannot be
allowed to recur. We will also send a report to the district
administration about the incident." The principal denied she had hit
the boy or that the school had ignored the boy's injury. " Sanjog got
injured when I was taking him to his classroom," Balvin said.

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