Swami to stop Dalit religious conversion
TNN, Aug 27, 2010, 09.55pm IST

MYSORE: Seeking to curb religious conversion and encourage Dalit
communities to join the mainstream, Pejawar mutt seer Vishwesha
Teertha Swami on Friday visited a Dalit colony and promised to
champion their cause.

The seer told them he will observe a fast and offered them deeksha as
a weapon to stop conversion. The seer asked them to quit alcoholism,
but remained silent on their food habits stating non-vegetarianism is
part of their culture. Buoyed by the seer's promise, the Dalit
families said they would follow the seer's words. This is the first
time a religious leader has visited their houses. The seer's visit
aimed at ensuring social harmony and protecting Hindu Dharma.

When the seer, who will be in the city for over a fortnight performing
Chaturmasya vratha, arrived there was celebration at the Devaraj Urs
colony, predominated by pourakarmikas. The colony was swept clean and
decorated. The residents lined up to receive the seer and offered
floral tributes as he came. The seer visited a couple of houses, lit
lamps and offered prayers before he went to Pattadalamma temple where
he addressed them calling Hindus to be united.

According to him, religious conversions normally target Dalits as they
rae alienated from Hindus. Hindus should be united, he said decrying
untouchability. He offered to give them deeksha even as he advised
them to quit alcohol. He asked them to contact him in case they have
any message or demand to be heard by the state government. "I will
approach the elected representatives," he told them.

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