Mayawati favouring only her community, claim Dalit leaders

2010-08-29 13:20:00

Dalit leaders have accused Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati of
favouring only a particular backward community to which she belongs.

"We have gathered Dalits here and are creating awareness among them to
fight for their rights.

For example the issue of reservation in private sector, or the Dalits
who are being exploited in Uttar Pradesh, or about the issue of jobs
that are disappearing, or the issue of land acquisition, we are
discussing all such issues here," said Udit Raj, an activist of the
Justice Party.

The leaders, who held a meeting in Allahabad on Saturday, said the
benefit of reservation is only available for Mayawati's community.

"The benefit of reservation is being availed by Mayawati's community.
Those who do not belong to her community are exploited with cruelty.
The crime is on full flow. In every 18th minute a boycotted Dalit
woman is raped, they are being killed in the whole state," said Nihare
Rakesh, a former state deputy.

"I demand that the Central Government should immediately take action
against Mayawati's rule," he added.

Numbering 160 million, Dalits represent 16 percent of India's
population of more than one billion.

Officially, caste discrimination is banned in India and special quotas
exist for Dalits in Parliament, state legislatures, village councils,
government jobs and educational institutions. (ANI)

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