Flooding hits ten million people in India's most populous and poorest state

03 Sep 2010 15:45:00 GMT

Source: Christian Aid - UK
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Christian Aid is launching an immediate appeal for the people hit by
the devastating India floods. More than 800,000 people have had their
villages submerged by severe flooding in Uttar Pradesh, Northern

More than 30,000 people have taken shelter in government-run relief
camps while thousands have fled to local schools and community centers
for safety. 150 villages are marooned, cut off from all relief

The flooding is the result of heavy rainfall over the last three weeks
in Nepal, which caused the river Ghaghra to burst its banks, a steep
rise in water levels in rivers throughout Uttar Pradesh and has
affected up to 10 million people.

Sajjad Mohammad Sajid, Christian Aid's Regional Emergency Manager for
South Asia, said: 'The disaster in Uttah Pradesh has not gained the
attention needed to scale up the necessary emergency response from the
government and international community.

'We are very concerned for those affected by the floods, many of whom
are from the Dalit communities, India's oppressed class, who have
nothing to depend upon during an emergency situation other than relief
assistance from the government and humanitarian agencies.'

Christian Aid and its partners are already responding by delivering
food and other relief supplies to the worst affected communities. The
local partners, CASA and PGVS, have long experience of acting quickly
in humanitarian emergencies.' Said Sajjad Mohammad Sajid.

Uttar Pradesh is India's most populous state and nearly 40 % of its
140 million people live below the poverty line. Many are from the
Dalit communities, formerly known as untouchables. Exclusion based on
caste and religion is rampant in these areas. Most are landless
labourers and small-scale farmers who work on land belonging to people
from upper castes, which leads exploitation by the landowners. The
destruction of crops in the field means they will not have any work
for months to come. This means they are particularly vulnerable in
this kind of disaster.


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