ST commission to recommed for reservations for SC,ST in private sector

Friday, September 03, 2010

Hyderabad: National ST commission would recommend to centre for
provision of reservations for SCs and STs in private sector also ,said
K Kamala Kumari ,member, national ST commission She reviewed the
development works and implementation of rule of reservations to STs in
various government departments at sub collectors office Rajahmundry in
east godavari district on Friday .

After review ,while speaking to the media she said that STs need
reservations in private sectors also on par with public sector and
necessary efforts would be made for such reservations .She further
said that ST commission would work for implementation of welfare and
developmental works for the tribes in the nation and commission
possesses rights to summon the agencies who failed to implement the
recommendations properly .she further said that there were some
petitions relating to atrocities on tribes and also on injustice
caused in promotions and the commission had initiated action on these
complaints .

speaking on the raising alarm on fevers in agency areas she said that
necessary directions were issued to attend for the medical needs of
the tribal and to provide more mobile vehicles if required She said
that rule of reservations for the tribals were satisfactory and
directed the officials to provide local and and other resources to the
tribals only and to control the non tribal to enjoy in the name of
tribals. District incharge collecotr K Sashidar Rampachodavaram MLA T
Kasi viswanath ,In charge PO ITDA rampachodavaram M Jyothi ,ASP Duggal
were also participated.

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