'BSP most corrupt govt UP has had'

TNN, Sep 5, 2010, 12.25am IST

LUCKNOW: State Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Surya Pratap
Shahi came down heavily on the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) government
during the first meeting of the state BJP's working committee on

"The Mayawati government is the most corrupt government UP has ever
had," he said in his address.

"Right from the 'thana' and tehsil levels to the state level, the only
thing which puts the official machinery into motion here is bribe," he

He further said, "The only qualification for government jobs today is
the capacity to pay. The sate is in the grip of education mafia, copy
mafia and mineral mafia. The sugar mills worth thousand of crores have
been sold off to a favoured company for a pittance."

The public in UP wants to know the reason why all the big projects in
the state are being handled by JP and Chhadha groups alone, he said.

"The Yamuma Expressway and Ganga Expressway have also been designed to
benefit the favourites. The forcible land acquisition is, therefore,
an exercise to usurp the prime land to make the rich richer," he

The BJP president slammed the BSP regime for having spent a whopping
Rs 20,000 crore on setting up memorials, parks and statues.

The money could have been better utilised on welfare schemes for the
poor, he said.

Flaying the poor law and order situation in the state, Shahi drew
attention to the murder of the wife of senior party leader Hukum

"Attack on minister Nandi also testifies to the grim fact that law
enforcement agencies have become totally ineffective in UP," he added.

Shahi said, "The BJP is emerging as a viable option in UP. The BSP has
failed to deliver on its promises, and the common man is highly
disappointed with the 'Mayaraj'. He would neither like to have a
repeat of the 'jungle raj' as witnessed during the reign of Mulayam
Singh Yadav, nor would support the Congress which has cheated the
public with its anti-poor policies."

He added, "The party needs to work hard to fulfil the people's expectations."

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