I'm looking at ez^WApache Zeta Components as a possible li-
brary to generate timelines in MediaWiki.  ATM, the MediaWi-
ki extension in question (EasyTimeline) relies on ploticus
which is powerful, but an external factor to the PHP habitat
of MediaWiki and not available in many environments.  Also,
one of the major advantages of Zeta::Graph is its ability to
produce SVG and PNG + image map.

  Unfortunately (but not that surprising given the usual
area of application :-)), Zeta::Graph doesn't provide time-
lines so far.  You can see some of the charts I want to be
able to generate at
Please note that one of the examples ("Vocal and instrumen-
tal pitch ranges") isn't a timeline at all.

  So my initial question would be: Has anyone already imple-
mented such a chart? :-)  Perhaps thought about an API?

  If not, I would give it a try and use one of the other
chart types as a template.  Any suggestions which one might
be most suitable?


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