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> What I'm missing:
> - What's the future of the Components? Is it just maintenance mode?
> - What's the legal/license situation regarding the history/eZ Systems?
> - What's eZ's position? (I guess they are most interested in a clear situation
>   of the project.)

the "first" target is still, to have a full tested and working release.
Maintaining the current Code is the Main Task for ZetaComponents.
Lets Assume for this discussion, that we get this done now and that
maintaining will be done without a mention.

So what could be future Plans?

- refactor the Code, to match current standards
Is a nice Task, but i dont think, that it needs a high priority. Maybe
partially for some often used components, like the ConsoleTools.
A Question which should be later discussed inside of the component
Teams(after we have defined coding rules related to the new standards)

- define Coding rules for the new standards.
We should not force new Component submissions to the old coding
architecture style if there are things like PSR-0

- new Components
There are still big areas, where no high Quality library exists.
We cant expect, that single persons/groups contribute a full
idea+architecture+code package.
So we need to define a more stepped plan, how we can allow submissions who
walk trought the steps with different contributers and over a very long
timeframe in each phase and still can garant a high quality.
To develop such a prozess is the next big step, if Zeta wants really to
grow and to keep its high quality standard.

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