2012/4/20 Benjamin Eberlei <kont...@beberlei.de>:
> Adding to this: I could use some help of course, so anyone also feeling to
> volunteer can do so.
> My idea was to create a repository with a bash/php script collection that
> does the migration and then collaborate on that until we have the final
> version to use.
> Starting point is here: https://github.com/zetacomponents/svn-git-migration

I'd like to help here since I have a bit of this experience having
moved eZ Publish to github.

I already shared the script using a PR:

I also have a local users.txt containing all the information of users
having committed code to ezc/zeta but since it contains e-mail
addresses, I don't really know if I should push it on github and/or
send it here as attachment or even using a private gist.
Feel free to have suggestion.


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