Hello everyone,

i have just completed the migration of the Apache SVN to Github
organization: Code is still pushed at the moment, these are the done tasks:


* Each component is split into its own repository
* Author Information has been updated on frequent committers i have found
the email of (or could asked for).
* composer.json was added to every project. No dependencies were defined on
other components (even though could be done through DEPS) - because the
Base version was never specified and such the information is incomplete
anyways. Releases in the future should go and specify the dependencies of
packages more explicitly.
* All tags have been generated from the commit messages.
* MVCTools Migration didnt work, I have to try this again.
* Document has some problem with GC and is very large repo, i have to
cleanup or remigrate so i didnt push to github yet.

However code is not yet free for changes, we have some problems to tackle:

* Do we need to adjust the headers? If yes, we should do this now using a
mass-edit. Do we have to clear this with Apache legal?
* Unit-tests have still to be fixed, we need a generic approach for all
components for that.
* I fixed the Archive component as an example:

Then just "composer install --dev && phpunit" from the root of the Archive

* All packages have to be put on packagist.org so can be used with


On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 1:35 PM, Benjamin Eberlei <kont...@beberlei.de>wrote:

> Repost into its own topic for better seperation:
> I volunteered to do a migration of the code to github.
> I will do the following steps:
> 1. Do a SVN to Git migration for every component on its own. Every
> component will have its own repository with issue tracker on Github.
> 2. Rewrite history to add composer.json files to all stable tags
> 3. Push to Github
> Derick already opened an Organization on Github and I guess all current
> committers will get write access to it.
> Adding composer helps us with the deployment issue in the short term and
> in the medium/long term we could maybe setup a pirum channel on github
> pages to enable PEAR installation again. Composer can work with classmaps
> so that the file/class layout is no problem for autoloading and components
> become instantly usable by third parties.
> The next step would then be that committers claim components and we
> determine the deprecated/abandoned/
> maintained state of each of them. Every maintainer is then responsible for
> getting the tests back running with the new schema and adding this to
> travis-ci. I will attempt to do this for one component as a demonstration.
> I can't give a timeframe on this but will highly prioritize this and hope
> to get it done within a week.
> greetings,
> Benjamin

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