No, there are some features we haven't implemented, that may or may not
be available in other RAID solutions.  In particular:

- ZFS storage pool cannot be 'shrunk', i.e. removing an entire toplevel
  device (mirror, RAID group, etc).  Devices can be removed by attaching
  and detaching to existing mirrors, but you cannot shrink the overall
  size of the pool.

- ZFS RAID-Z stripes cannot be expanded.  ZFS storage pools are all
  dynamically striped across all device groups.  So you can add a new
  RAID-Z group ((5+1) -> 2x(5+1) for example), but you cannot expand
  an existing stripe ((5+1) -> (6+1)).

There are likely other features that are different and/or missing from
other solutions, so it's a little extreme to say you "won't give up
ANYTHING".  But in terms of large scale features, there's not much
besides the two above, and remember that you have a lot to gain ;-)

- Eric

On Fri, Aug 11, 2006 at 09:28:58AM -0700, Humberto Ramirez wrote:
> Thanks for replying (I thought nobody would bother.) 
> So, If understand correctly, I won't give up ANYTHING available in 
> EVMS. LVM , Linux Raid -    by going to ZFS and Raid -Z  Right ?
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