Marcelo Leal wrote:
> Hello all,
>  Any plans (or already have), a send/receive way to get the transfer backup 
> statistics? I mean, the "how much" was transfered, time and/or bytes/sec?

I'm not aware of any plans, you should file an RFE.

>  And the last question... i did see in many threads the question about "the 
> consistency between the send/receive through ssh"... but no definitive 
> answers.

There is no additional data protection on the stream. The data is verified
by the receive.  But if you redirect the stream to a file, for instance, and
then later attempt the receive and encounter checksum errors, then you
might be sad.  In other words, the end-to-end verification of send streams
exists, but there is no inherent data protection in the stream.  The use of
ssh tends to work well, because secure protocols also check the integrity
of the data flowing between machines and will retry.

> So, my last question is: If the transfer is completed (send/receive), i can 
> trust the backup was good. The "receive" returning "0" is definitive?

If the receive completes without error, then everything passed the
checksum verification.
 -- richard

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