Jim Klimov schrieb:
> Is it possible to create a (degraded) zpool with placeholders specified 
> instead
> of actual disks (parity or mirrors)? This is possible in linux mdadm 
> ("missing" 
> keyword), so I kinda hoped this can be done in Solaris, but didn't manage to.

Create sparse files with the size of the disks (mkfile -n ...).

Create a zpool with the free disks and the sparse files (zpool create -f 
...). Then immediately put the sparse files offline (zpool offline ...). 
Copy the files to the new zpool, destroy the old one and replace the 
sparse files with the now freed up disks (zpool replace ...).

Remember: during data migration your are running without safety belts. 
If a disk fails during migration you will lose data.

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