> Other details - the original ZFS was created at ZFS
> version 14 on SNV b105, trying to be restored to ZFS
> version 15 on SNV b114.  Any help would be
> appreciated.

The zfs send/recv format is not warranted to be compatible between revisions.  
I don't know, offhand, if that is the problem in this specific case or between 
these revisions.   You might try running up a VM on b105 and seeing if it can 
read the stream.

I'm concerned that, despite clear recommendations and advice against it, there 
seem to be a number of solutions appearing (like automated backup to cloud, via 
the auto-snapshot hooks) that use the stream format for long term storage, even 
from those within Sun.  I think the message needs to be clear, either way - 
either endorse stream-format compatibility, or discourage such usage.

>From my reading of the recommendations regarding the stream format, it's 
>concerning enough that it may not be possible to send streams between two 
>hosts at different versions, even as a direct stream.  You may get lucky, most 
>of the time, but don't rely on it.

Which still leaves a question as to what the most appropriate archive format 
is, that understands incremental snapshots, properties, and all your other 
favourite zfs features, etc. I'm starting to favour using real ZFS pools in 
zvols or files (or directly on external media), along with vm images to run 
them where needed, since these come with an upgrade process and compatibility 
assurances for the content.
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